Borderland Bike Challenge

The beginning

Gathering for the start

Somewhere on the 22 mile route across the Berwyn Mountains.

The welcome refreshments at the finish.

The 2014 Dairi-Pak Mountain Bike Challenge took place on Saturday 10 May when 121 intrepid riders took the opportunity to experience the stunning scenery of the Berwyn Mountains by attempting the 22 mile, off-road mountain bike challenge. The weather was mainly drizzle and rain showers with some windy sections.

The main beneficiaries from the event were the Wales and Midlands Air Ambulances together with other Rotary charities.

"Photo Galleries" for a slide show of the 2014 event.


The end!

The middle

The 2014 Challenge

Challenge 2015

Where does your sponsorship money go?

22 miles off-road route and not for the faint hearted

The main beneficiary is Wales Air Ambulances together with St. John’s Ambulance Association and numerous local good causes.

6 miles off-road “softer” route for families and the less energetic

News Letter 2015

We are very grateful to

Dairi-Pak for their support and sponsorship of this event over so many years.

We also thank the many land owners and farmers in the Berwyn Mountains for allowing us access through their lands for this event.

Please note: Some stretches of the course are only available to us on the day of the Borderland Bike Challenge and can not be ridden before or after the event and we thank the land owners for their support.

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 9th May


Bike Ride Newsletter2015.pdf

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We hope to see you then!